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April 7, 2011 / Sandra

April 16 is Officially Foursquare Day in Portsmouth

We’re so excited to see Foursquare Day gaining traction around the world, and we’re especially proud today because Portsmouth’s Mayor Thomas Ferrini has made the proclamation that 4/16 is officially Foursquare Day! Check it out:

This year, we’ve join the ranks of other cities – including our neighboring Manchester NH – on the list of towns who have made efforts to or succeeded in getting their mayor proclaim April 16th as Foursquare Day in their town. By doing this, local governments and chambers of commerce are validating the value that Foursquare brings to local economies. From the Foursquare Day HQ site, “By making it official, Foursquare Day becomes relevant to all citizens of the cities that are holding Foursquare Day celebrations and also adds the weight of official support for to all the businesses who are participating.” We’re psyched to officially be on the list!

Want to see the declaration in all it’s real, papery glory? Come to tonight’s eBrew event happening at The Press Room on Daniel Street in Portsmouth!


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