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March 31, 2011 / Sandra

Get the Foursquare Day Badge

A couple great announcements to communicate this morning, including the unveiling of this year’s badge and free Foursquare Day shwag! Hey, that rhymes… kinda.

Walter breaks it down for us at the official Foursquare Day Blog:

Foursquare has once again created a special badge and logo for 4sqday! We’re super proud to unveil the new 4sqday 2011 logo and confirm that users will be able to unlock a 4sqday badge by checking in on April 16th, 2011! Details on exactly how to unlock the badge has yet to be revealed, but stay tuned!

Foursquare has also designed a limited edition T-shirt to celebrate 4sqday 2011, which is now available (at 40% off!) at the foursquare store.

Want one of these sweet shirts? So do we! Foursquare’s going to send us a free swag pack with shirts, stickers, badges, and more for our attendees IF – and ONLY IF – we reach at LEAST 50 attendees by Monday, April 4 – THIS MONDAY – at 4:16pm ET! Portsmouth hasn’t made the 50-people mark yet on our page, what’re you waiting for? Head over and click “COUNT ME IN!”


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