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March 29, 2011 / Sandra

RSVP Now to Portsmouth Foursquare Day

Portsmouth’s Foursquare Day is right around the corner! Now’s the time to RSVP because in the next couple weeks, we’ll be adding a ton of new details about the events happening around Portsmouth as well as the great deals you can take advantage of on April 16th.

So what’re you waiting for? Head to Portsmouth’s MeetUp page and get yourself on the list: RSVP RIGHT HERE!

Screenshot of Portsmouth Foursquare Day RSVP pageThe Portsmouth Foursquare Day Team is cranking away at making this year’s event an amazing one! We’re planning on bringing you not only great deals from many of your your favorite establishments and stores, but also plenty of opportunities to hang out with other foursquare users from the seacoast and earn some of the most coveted foursquare badges!

Here are some other great ways to celebrate Foursquare Day in Portsmouth:

  • Know of a local business in Portsmouth that would like to get involved? Send them to the Portsmouth Foursquare Day Idea Form to let us know about their foursquare special or deal.
  • Post a “Happy Foursquare Day” video response and be sure to watch video responses from around the world on 4/16! Our own Walter Elly has already made his, representing the 03801 – it’s so simple!
  • Round up your friends an play the actual game of foursquare on 4/16 (remember that one? the one with the ball?)! Here’s a reminder of the Original Foursquare Rules.

If you RSVP, you’re in the know. But, you can also stay tuned to the blog, our Twitter account (@ports4sq), and our Facebook page for more details of Portsmouth’s Foursquare Day celebrations!


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